27 countries, easy to enter, no visa required

Travelers are probably familiar with preparing documents for entering different countries. What we call วีซ่าไทย A visa is evidence that we are allowed to enter other countries. There are various forms of stickers, various symbols, rubber stamps, or small documents attached to the passport page. But some countries have exceptions. All you need is a Thai passport to enter that country

For countries that allow Thai people to enter the country without a visa Which is the latest update as of April 16, 2015, there are a total of 27 countries divided by the time you can reside as follows.

  1. Permitted 180 days
    – Panama

    2. Permitted 90 days
    – Argentina
    – Brazil
    – Chile
    – Ecuador
    – Georgia
    – Republic of Korea
    – Peru
    – Vanuatu

    3. Permitted 30 days
    – Hong Kong
    – Indonesia
    – Laos
    – Macau
    – Mongolia
    – Malaysia
    – Maldives
    – Philippines
    – Russia
    – Seychelles
    – Singapore
    – South Africa
    – Turkey
    – Vietnam

    4. 15 days allowed
    – Japan

    5. 14 days allowed
    – Bahrain
    – Brunei
    – Cambodia


For anyone who is going to travel abroad Let’s check the information first, which countries do not need a visa? So that you do not have to waste time in going to do a visa