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Newbie to Online Roulette

Why Online Roulette is Good for Beginners Here we have the answer: Did you know that? Online roulette is very easy to play because online roulette can place a wide variety of bets. and have more chances to win Playing roulette principles will allow you to get used to and play the game more efficiently and with increased chances of winning. To know how roulette is wagered Follow our interesting articles here.

There are huge advantages in playing roulette online. Because roulette at online casinos has a variety of betting formats. And the payout rate is very high as well. There are many different types of roulette bets. Whether it’s high, low or black, red, but you still enjoy the chance to win more bets. Both inside bets and outside bets Betting on a single number that receives the highest payout Or if you want to get money for sure, you can bet cover many numbers. But roulette is fun and addictive for new players. That is, if you choose to bet on a single number and win, you bet 10 baht, you will get up to 360 baht back. New players are therefore very fond of this game, both easy to play, earn a lot of money, get rich quickly by playing with principles.

Play roulette rich with simple betting tricks.

Choose Dozen bets for sure.

Place bets with the same amount. and choose to bet in the Dozen style because it will give you the opportunity to earn more money Because placing bets on Dozens (sets of 12 numbers) in roulette games, the payout rate is 2 times, giving you an edge in winning more bets. Examples of roulette bets, Dozen bets are as follows:

• You can bet on 1st Dozen and 2nd Dozen with the amount of 500 baht per slot, because if the ball lands on the 3rd Dozen slot, we will lose 1000 baht. But if the iron ball lands on the 1st Dozen or 2nd Dozen slot, we will profit. 500 baht from placing a bet of 1,000 baht, which many people say that this method of betting requires a high investment but got less money Even so, it is a popular roulette formula that is used all over the world. Both real casinos and online casinos Because it increases the chances of winning bets by up to 67% for players. The best bet of this formula Always place bets on 2nd Dozen, then choose 3rd Dozen or 1st Dozen, it depends on your decision and your luck.

• Bet High or Low + Street 5 rows. In this formula, we will set bets with the minimum amount of 110 baht, but will receive only 10 baht per round if anyone wants more money per round. then increase the amount of bet This formula has a chance of losing only 10%. Example of placing bets on Roulette, High or Low + Street 5 rows, allow players to bet at High or Low 60 baht, then choose to bet on Street 5 rows, 10 baht per row, but every The line must not overlap the line, high or low that the bet has already been placed. For example, if the bet is low 60 baht, we choose to bet on Street 5 rows in the high line, except for the last row, which has numbers 34 / 35 / 36, because no matter where the ball lands in the box Just don’t agree on the numbers 0 / 34 / 35 and 36, we will receive a prize of 10 baht immediately. Many people may think that even if there is a chance to get a lot of money But if you miss it, you have to lose 110 baht. That’s why you should play this formula only 3 eyes per 1 day.

• Choose to bet on Hot and Cool numbers. Newbies should know that. To play roulette in online casinos It’s not like playing roulette like any other. Because there will be historical statistics for us to see which numbers come out the most. and which number comes out the least We will see numbers written that Hot is the most frequent and Cool is the least. And this allows us to place bets using the Hot & Cool formula, where we bet on all 4 numbers 7 / 28 / 20 / 8 because it is most often drawn. And to bet on the number 5 / 23 / 1 / 18 the other 4 numbers because it is the least drawn. with the same bet amount for all numbers

Statistically, of course, the most frequent numbers are repeated over and over, and the least drawn numbers are infrequently, but there is a chance of consecutive draws. For this reason, these numbers So there is a very high chance of leaving. And the betting proportion gives us more advantages, for example, if we bet on these 8 numbers at 10 baht each, when one of the 8 numbers is issued, we will receive a prize of 360 baht. That means In placing bets on 5 games, if only 1 is correct, we will not lose. But if it’s more than 1 time in 5 games, the profit will multiply up to 360 baht.