Fish Shooting

Study for profit guarantee that you won’t be disappointed

It’s very hot for fish shooting games Of course, we don’t miss out on bringing fish shooting recipes together. After all, it is believed that many gamblers are studying this game to make a profit because it is a fun game to play. Enjoy beautiful graphics and practice your sensitivity skills. It is important to play and earn a profit as well. Alright, let’s take a look at the fish shooting formula. Stop the behavior of shooting fish. Many people like to think that fish shooting games must focus on splashing bullets in different directions. Change your mindset because if you want to shoot fish and get profit, you have to focus on only one fish. Focus on killing the most easily deadly fish. In which this part must be tested by yourself which one is easy to die or hard to die And watch the rhythm of the direction that the fish swim to make the fish die easily without wasting ammunition. Time is important. Don’t be careless. Many people may shoot fish until they don’t look at the time until they lose their chances of making a profit. So experiment with playing and time the scene changes to see how many minutes it takes

To correctly calculate the shot without wasting a chance or wasting free ammunition, the stats of the fish can always be changed. Not that the same fish will have the same stats. That way it’s too easy So try to observe from the play of other players to see that. Any fish that has been shot for a while is near death. To reshoot that fish to save ammunition in shooting fish. And if you get a blue gun item, it will save you money and get multiple rewards. Therefore, newbies should study the power of the fish first. Roughly see which one is easy to die or hard to die. Preliminary focus on shooting fish that die easily before making a profit in the beginning