Baccarat Casino

What can I bet on baccarat?

For many people who have just entered And are interested in betting on baccarat with baccarat online. We must first study that Format of bets How many types of baccarat games are available as follows:

Banker / Player bet

It is a bet on whether the banker’s side or the player’s side will get the highest score. from the showdown by counting the points Only cards with numbers are counted. Other cards such as K,Q,J are counted as 0 points. Aces or A cards are always counted as 1 and in the showdown, if both sides show the first 2 cards, they have points. Under 6,

the 3rd card will be revealed. By counting, the points of each card will be added together to get from 1-9 and if the cards are added to more than 9, only the last number will be counted, for example if 2 cards The first time the card was opened 12, it would only be counted as having a score of 2 and most of the time. The odds of getting

money from this bet will be at 1:1 or bet as much as you get back, multiplied by 2 times.

Always bet.

Although the chances are very small that both cards will come out with the same score. But it’s not like there’s no chance at all. which if the result always comes out If you choose to bet on the banker’s side or player side Usually only the money that was wagered is returned. But if betting on a draw result will be returned at the rate of 1:8 or multiplied by 8 times the stake.

Pair bet

Pair bets in online baccarat games There are many types, depending on the casino or the online gambling website. How will it be defined? But that is commonly used as a universal principle is that if the first 2 cards come out as a flower and the same color It is immediately considered a pair. And the ratio of winnings for many websites may be

as high as 30 times for some gambling websites. But the normal ratio that is commonly used is universal. For bets like this, it is multiplied by 11 or 10 times, depending on some websites. in the tens of thousands Looking for a betting room with a lot of pairs of cards Probably a better solution

Pok 8 / Pok 9

bets like this Many people tend to overlook Because there is a chance that this will happen is quite low. Because to get Pok 8 or 9, it must be obtained when only 2 cards are revealed on each side. If the 3rd card is opened, it is considered not counted, which is considered a very small chance. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t. most of the time If it

is an online casino gambling table There is often an option to play bets. both on the banker’s side and player side

In addition to the betting methods as mentioned above, many betting websites may have to adjust the betting methods. to be more exciting More rules were set up. so that we can enjoy playing baccarat more however In order to make it easier to learn

different betting techniques, we need to know first that the terms that baccarat masters like that What does it mean? and interesting words are as follows:

Card layout

Many people may be wondering what the card layout is. If you want to explain it simply, it’s the form of the card that will come out. Many people may not notice that in a game, the pattern of the cards often repeats at regular intervals and changes no more than 2-3 times if you observe it from the beginning. will not find it difficult to decide whether Which side to bet on?


is where cards come out alternately and win. both the banker’s side and player The advantages of ping-pong cards are Usually issued in a row at least 3-4 times. The guess is easy and the gambler can make money by choosing to place bets on both sides alternately, however. In order to observe whether the card is a ping-pong card or not,

it should also be seen that in the previous 2-3 eyes Has there been an alternating win or not?

Dragon cards

This is the name of the online baccarat card. that many people tend to understand is a dragon tiger game which is another form of card game The form of the dragon card is that either side wins consecutively. until seen on the scoreboard It’s one color in a row, running long, like a snake or a dragon. Which bets on dragon cards It is recommended to use the same amount of money and keep placing until the card layout changes and then stop thinking, it’s better because if the money keeps rolling The moment the cards change direction You may lose a lot of money.

techniques to overcome In online baccarat games

many people say that baccarat games, baccarat online It’s a difficult game to play. but in fact It may not be as difficult as you think. Because actually, it’s not a difficult technique either. In terms of winning the game and we have put together techniques From these gamblers, Baccarat is here for you to try and follow. Here,

choose the right room.

Choosing a room or table for online baccarat is very necessary because if you come across a room that changes the card layout all the time, the opportunity to make money. From this game it is almost 0, but vice versa. If you find a room for betting that has the same layout of the same card layout, the chances of making money will be

more. And for observing the card layout in the baccarat room. We recommend looking at the room where the game has been played for at least 10-15 eyes to see the pattern of the cards more clearly. But if choosing a room that has just been played, you may have to waste time waiting for the timing for betting. In addition If you want to make

more profits, observing and looking for a room with a pair or a card, it is always to do the same,

betting compound.

In case you are afraid that you will lose more than you will, it’s a good idea to roll up the money for a few turns because if there is a loss on the first club. getting in the wood next It will make both capital and profit. However, always remember that if you can play let’s come back to start always at the minimum amount Until it loses again,

this method, in addition to helping you make a profit even if you lose some time. It also helps the capital not disappear as well. If you bet suddenly then the pattern of the cards sudden change

Focus on playing on the banker rather than the player

because of the banker bet. There is a chance to make more money. in terms of statistics Because most card games, the banker’s side tends to be the next. But this theory It may not work in some rooms where the outcome of the bet is poured onto the player’s side, so always observe the cards in the betting room first.

Look for ping-pong cards.

If you are a non-addictive person which side to play mainly And want to make a continuous profit with the form of playing cards a ping pong card Should be a good answer because no matter which side you choose. was able to make money as well

Don’t let yourself be sleepy or hungry

It is very disturbing for the gambler. And often it can make you make incredible wrong decisions. Whether it’s at a real casino or playing baccarat online, it should be eaten. and get enough rest To give yourself the most concentration for each bet,

look for a room where one side wins significantly more.

As we said in the previous paragraph, Choosing a room is very necessary. Because it will affect our decisions unexpectedly. and if you are a beginner who still can not read the card layout fluently looking for a room with any color more than one color clearly It will be much easier because you can choose to bet. with more colors and mistakes are less likely to occur. especially If you play through the first 40 eyes because he still cards to start and then to finish the game,

it’s always very much as a pair.

If you are observant enough, you will find that when playing baccarat online in any room and that room always has points often. That might mean There are frequent pairs of cards. too And a method that many people have used that is effective in guessing the pair of cards is When the card is drawn, count to 1-3 eyes, there will always be a

card appearing on either side and if lucky, may get a pair of cards on both the banker’s side. and player, therefore, after the cards are drawn draw We recommend that you play a pair of cards as well. It will definitely be good for your wallet.

already have to know how to quit

Some people may come and try to play online casinos because they get free credit. But the goddess of fate Not on your side all the time, so aim for that. how much money do you want from daily bets and when you get the money you want Or slightly more than desired should stop and withdraw money from the system into the account. This is the

point that many people tend to miss. because when playing I always bet indefinitely. endlessly until finally have to pay unfortunately

For the information of baccarat online. Actually, there are many things for you to study. But above all, theories are not the same as taking the bets themselves. because in addition to giving new experiences and able to create personal techniques in betting You may find that baccarat is not as difficult as you think. And may make you rich without realizing it if you know the technique and have enough betting skills