What is Turnover?

The gambler may have seen from the various promotional conditions in each provider website that there must be a turnover amount only. So how much bonus money will be received? what is turn for gamblers and gamblers who have been playing for a while May be enough to understand the meaning of a turn or turnover but for a new gambler may still be confused about how to do it. By today’s article, we will introduce you to know about the turn that is. Which the gambler can read in the following article at all.

Know how to make a turn in order not to lose the benefit of the gambler himself.

Making a turn in terms of various promotions, online casino websites It is counting both the profit and loss of each round of betting in online casino games. whether it is any online casino game The gambler can be calculated as a turn as well. for example The first deposit of the day is 100 baht. Promotion conditions are required to do 10 turns

to be able to receive an additional 50% bonus, equivalent to 100 x 20 = 2,000, which the gambler must wager. With any online casino game, a total amount of 2,000 baht, which is counted including the amount and the loss, after completing 2,000, you will be able to receive another 50% bonus from the promotion on the first deposit of 100 and can Withdrawal available immediately

How good is the turn or turnover that is a condition in the promotion?

Many people may still wonder if the turnover is made by having to bet on online casino games with that much larger amount. Would it be considered too risky, which really isn’t? Because online casino games that are available on online websites are games that were developed from computer programs. The outcome of the game is quite certain. Gamblers can easily use different formulas and techniques to win their bets, so it’s not a risky investment. But there will be more than lost even Which the turn will be another helper It has the following advantages:

• Making a turn is not difficult. You can also get additional bonus money for free and withdraw it.

• Turning is similar to counting the player’s accumulated bet amount. Like doing a quest to achieve the goal

• Making a turn is similar to returning the loss sometimes when playing more loses.

And this is just part of the advantages of doing a turn or doing a turnover only.

How to get bonus money from turnover?

Turnover bonuses are free credits that can be used to continue investing in online casino games. It is like real money that can be used for real investment without being deducted from your credit account. When playing, it will be transferred to the account and can be withdrawn immediately. But when playing, it will not be deducted any more, reducing the risk to a lot.

The simplest way to make a turnover summary

After reading until now, the gambler probably understands the turnover more or less. But if you still don’t understand We will summarize it again in the easiest way to understand as follows:

• Turnover is based on the terms of the promotion organized by the online casino game provider website.

• Turnover is charged to the gambler’s credit account multiplied by the turnover amount. Has come out as the amount that will be required to play in online casino games.

• Turnover counts as both winning and losing.

And this is the most easy-to-understand turnover that has been summarized as mentioned above.

How are you doing with making a turn or making a turnover that is easy to understand? plus it’s not difficult Ready to allow gamblers to enjoy promotions without losing their rights for free.